Enabling Genome Editing

The CRISPR Cas9 gene editing system includes large biomolecules e.g. cas9 protein and polyanionic identities e.g. guide RNA. Successful delivery of this system into target cells is crucial in the progression of this revolutionary technology.

CyGenica has therefore developed a novel strategy to deliver CRISPR gene editing components, bringing CRISPR a step forward to its use in modern day medicine. CyFect CRISPR Guard is a non-toxic, proprietary transfection reagent for the efficient delivery of CRISPR-Cas9-RNPs. CyFect has been tested in HeLa mammalian cultured cells and has achieved genome editing rates of up to 20%

CyGlo: a Non-toxic Cell
Labelling Reagent

CyGlo is a non-toxic cell labelling reagent that is efficiently taken up in several cell lines.

Its uptake is observed in less than 1 hour. CyGlo is also available in targeted forms, specifically labeling desired intracellular compartments e.g. nucleus and mitochondria.

Mammalian Cells labelled with CyGlo-Green

(Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells)

(Microglial Cells)

Discovery Programs

We have identified applications of GEENIE in antibiotics and Cancer drugs. Antibiotics have a major issue of acquired resistance, which is often due to lack of entry of the antibiotics inside the bacterial cell membrane. GEENIE platform can enter bacterial cells as well which can be used to bypass the acquired resistance.

CyGenica’s GEENIE platform is a proprietary engineered negatively charged molecule that works just like a molecular drill boring through the cell membrane to deliver molecular cargoes to the nucleus without causing any harm to the cell, solving the most crucial issue of targeted intracellular delivery. GEENIE can be used to develop in vitro and in vivo delivery mechanisms for drugs, gene editing mechanisms and antibiotics.

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